Volunteer Spotlight: Ant Walach

ana walach

Ant Walach

Roaster for Linea Caffe San Francisco, California

Current Volunteer Role

Brewer’s Cup Judge at Big Western

How long have you been volunteering for the SCAA?

This is the third year that I’m volunteering as a judge.

What was the first SCAA event you volunteered for an what your duties?

For my first volunteer opportunity, I judged Brewer’s Cup at the 2013 Southwest Regionals.

How has volunteering influenced your coffee career?

Volunteering for the SCAA has helped me to create networking connections that have led to advancement in my personal career opportunities. I have also seen various certification programs added to the SCAA “menu” and have been able to participate in many programs because they coincide with other events such as Regional and National competitions. I’ve found this to be priceless for not only my own education, but also for my skill set for education future career coffee professionals. The main influence for me though has been the ability to meet with many industry names that I’ve respected over the years at these events. In some cases, these events are the only time we’re all able to convene at the same location.





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