Tap Your Community: BGA Membership Drive

Tap Your Community March-May 2015: “Tap Your Community” by signing  up 25 BGA members (new or renewing) under a specific group name and receive a $100 reimbursement towards beverages at your next community event held June-August 2015.

Your group must come up with one name to use as a BGA Membership Drive Code and promote your efforts for the drive to your contacts.

When anyone signs up or renews their BGA membership, they will be asked to enter in the BGA Membership Drive Code in the blank text field. The person joining or renewing needs to type in the decided group name.

In early June, SCAA staff will pull a list of BGA members with the Drive Code and sort and whoever has 25 + will receive instruction on how to redeem their free keg credit.

Interested in becoming a member? Check out the member benefits page for more information.

To purchase a Barista Guild of America membership, login or create a profile and click on "Join/Renew Barista Guild of America" under "My Membership" on the main landing page when logged in your account.

Become a member or renew membership

Set up your BGA Membership Drive Code

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