SCAA Exposition and WBC 2009

Check out photos from SCAA's Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia last month. The BGA successfully launched a certification program for baristas looking to prove their commitment to the craft and get some street cred and recognition for their mad skills. The SCAA offered labs to eager participants from all sectors of the coffee industry, including many courses needed for the BGA Certification such as the BGA Milk and Latte Art class, Introduction to Espresso, Hands-On Espresso and Introduction to Cupping.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the World Barista Championship was held in conjunction with Expo this year - so you'll want to check out this link for some great photos of the best baristas in the world going head-to-head. Congratulations to Gwilym Davies for winning the title of World Barista Champion. Check out the pics for some nice shots of our own Mike Phillips, who came in third this year. Better luck next year, USA. In 2010 the United States Barista Championship returns to Expo in Anaheim, California!

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