Introducing BGA HEY!

The Barista Guild of America is proud to announce a new event that we'll be hosting all across the U.S.!

This year has been filled with the voices of our membership crying out for more regionally-focused events. It's great to see people yearning for more connection with fellow baristas. We as an Executive Council take in the feedback from our membership and find ways to respond. 

Introducing BGA HEY – an event for members to connect with fellow members. This is not a latte art competition, in fact, there will be no competing at all. This event is a time for coffee professionals to hang out, chat, bond, network, and just have fun! Each host will have their own twist on the event but expect drinks, food, a raffle for great prizes, and more. 

This event will only be open to BGA members and a plus one. If you are interested in becoming a BGA member there will be someone at the event able to sign you up for membership or you can sign up now.

The vision of the BGA is to be the world’s most important network for the professional barista and our mission is to provide baristas a community dedicated to innovating, sharing, and demonstrating best practices in coffee preparation. We hope that the BGA HEY will serve as one of the many ways we can help fulfill that. 

If you are interested in hosting a BGA HEY in your community please reach out to the BGA Membership Committee for more information!

Check out the events page to stay updated on events happening in your community!

Now let's have some fun!

BlogDanny Pinnell