In it to wit it!

You may have noticed some changes around the Barista Guild of America (BGA) recently, in fact this blog replacing the forums being just the latest in a string of changes to the BGA’s appearance. While this and a few other changes, notably the revamped newsletter have demonstrated a new look for the BGA I don’t think it paints the full picture of what has transpired behind the scenes.

The BGA Executive Council (EC) has been working hard through the past year, and their efforts are about to pay huge dividends. It started sometime before committee meetings last September, but it was during those committee meetings that it became very evident things had changed with the direction and energy of the BGA. It was such a privilege for me to witness just a small part of the passion and energy that the talented members of the EC put forth to push the BGA in the direction of becoming a driving force in our industry. The EC spent countless hours locked in the committee room building the new BGA Barista Certification program. Fueled by new blood like Jason Dominy, and guided by the experience of past barista champs Heather Perry and Bronwen Serna, along with the pragmatism of Scott Lucey and Robin Seitz the council ambitiously set out to make the Barista Guild more pertinent and educational than ever.

So far this year the BGA has already conducted two skill building workshops in conjunction with regional Barista competitions, and we still have the classes in Portland and Atlanta to go. Not to mention that we have not even scratched the surface of what the BGA certification program that came from their efforts. If you haven’t already you should look at the currently 3 tiered program that will give baristas a wide range of skills and open up dialogue between baristas, roasters, green buyers, farmers, and most importantly customers. There are also plans to continue to expand the curriculum so if there is a topic or aspect of coffee you don’t see email your Chapter Representative, or and Executive Council member.

I really wanted to make this post on behalf of the Executive Council because I know how hard they have worked, and how excited and passionate they are to see these great ideas come to fruition. This passion has not at all abated since the committee meeting last week, in fact I talked with most of the Executive Council last week in Chicago, and they were more enthusiastic than ever. All that is left to be done is for the membership, and new baristas to get involved and take advantage of the opportunities. The Executive Council has definitely shown that they are “In it to win it”, and their pride and dedication will help elevate the barista craft. The question is: are you? The most important, and best way for you to get the most out of your Barista Guild is to get involved! Volunteer at a skill building workshop, or at your regional Barista Competition. If you are coming to conference sign up to be a Barista Buddy. I promise you will get more out than you put into it, but you have to put something in to get a return. I don’t want to speak for the members of the Executive Council, but I think that if you asked them why they worked so hard for the BGA, they would tell you because the payback in learning, and camaraderie outweighs the pain anyday!

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