Five Questions With A BGA Member. Chris Baca, from Verve Coffee.

This is our first in a series of profiles on BGA members all over the country. Each one will consist of BGA members answering five questions. It's that simple. First up to lead us off is Chris Baca, from Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA. (It should be duly noted that Chris is one of the newest members of the BGA's Executive Council.)

1. What made you decide to get more involved in the BGA?

To have an outlet to help the 99% of all Baristas who aren't in the "cool kids" circle of the specialty coffee industry and have the desire to learn more but don't know where to turn for reliable knowledge and information. Need a hand? Hit up the BGA!

2. Convex or Flat?
Convex. Hopefully over sized with a pretty aggressive curve. But you can make delicious bean with anything.

3. How many grams in the basket?
Depends on the coffee. Never less than 19 grams. Hovering in the 20-21.5 gram range with most of our coffees.

4. Central, African or Indonesian?
Whatevers poppin' at the time. I enjoy coffees from everywhere in their own special ways. My mood also plays a big role in this.

5. Favorite barista right now?
J A R E D T R U B Y M A K E S T H E H O T B E A N.

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