Fall 2015 Barista Camp Scholarship Winner Announced

Tavner We are pleased to announce the winner of the Fall 2015 Barista Camp Scholarship, Tavner Threatt!

Barista Guild of America Executive Council Chair, Lorenzo Perkins, shares a few words about what set Tavner apart:

Tavner has displayed an active engagement within his local coffee community as well as a desire to forge a career within the coffee industry. It is this kind of participation within the local coffee scene as well as his continuing pursuit of coffee knowledge that we believe will not only serve him well, but also allow him to serve as a role model and source of inspiration to other baristas around the nation. Tavner's dedication to excellence in coffee preparation is something to be admired and replicated and we are looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish with the knowledge that he will gain by attending Barista Camp.

The scholarship is designed for people who lack the financial resources to attend Barista Camp on their own, but who belong in the environment of education and deeper understanding coffee that Barista Camp provides.

Keep an eye out for your opportunity to apply for the next Barista Camp Scholarship!

BlogDanny Pinnell