BGA Launches Handbook for Level 1 & 2 Certificate

We're excited to launch our BGA Certification Handbook for Levels 1 & 2! This handbook outlines in detail everything you need to know about the BGA Certificate Program for these levels. You can download the full handbook here< andbook="andbook" bit>. 
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< andbook="andbook" bit>Some recent updates to this program include revised guidelines on organizing testing events and added security measures, pricing policies, and new registration restrictions (availability of courses will be based on completion of prerequisites). Please note that after December 31, 2013, students will not be allowed to register for Level 2 classes until they have obtained the BGA Level 1 Certificate. By structuring the certificate program in this way, we can ensure that students get the most out of their education by completing requirements in a sequenced way. By completing the Level 1 Certificate prior to attending Level 2 classes, students demonstrate that they have mastered the skills necessary to move on to higher level courses, in turn ensuring that the student’s time is spent as efficiently as possible.

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