Barista Guild of America Elections 2017 | Nominations Now Open!

  384005_10151075209133733_68781379_nEach year the Barista Guild of America (BGA) finds itself with leaders who are coming to the end of their two or more years of service. Nominating new leaders, whether someone you know or yourself, is a key part in keeping our leadership current and effective to serve our members.

As a guild, our election process involves first nominating potential leaders, and then our membership votes to choose these new leaders. Participating in the BGA's election process is a benefit open only to BGA members.

The BGA leadership is made up of Executive Council (EC) Directors who are Barista Guild members, like you! Each member of the BGAEC participates in one of our committees. While they are often involved in all major BGA Events, their role is primarily to support the SCAA staff and to provide guidance around the direction of the Barista Guild.


This year, the Barista Guild has four (4) open positions for Executive Council Directors. Executive Council Directors are self-motivated individuals willing to dedicate time to leading our guild in a forward direction.

Per the BGA Bylaws, a BGA Executive Council Director’s role and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving a term of two years, beginning and ending at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo
  • Attendance at the annual Expo, one Barista Camp, and an annual BGA Executive Council meeting
  • Participation in the annual BGA General Membership meeting, usually held as an online webinar
  • Participating in a BGA Committee, including monthly Committee calls and occasional activities
  • Participating in monthly BGA Executive Council calls

Does this sound like you? Ready to take on the challenge of becoming an Executive Council member?

Click here to submit an official nomination

Don’t doubt your personal experience in the coffee industry! If you’ve got some great ideas and can commit to attending the required events and activities you’re definitely worth nominating.

Running for an Executive Council position isn’t the only way to be involved with the Barista Guild. Visit to learn about all of the ways to get engaged with the BGA community!


The official election timeline is as follows:

Nominations Close - February 8, 2017 Voting Begins - February 20, 2017 Voting Ends - March 16, 2017 Election Results Announced - March 21, 2017

All nominations will be reviewed by a Nominations Committee, chaired by the Past Chair of the BGA and comprised of current BGA Executive Council members and current BGA members. Once nominations are closed, each nominee will be contacted for an interview. A slate of nominees will be selected from the nominee pool. Ballots will be e-mailed to all BGA members and the new Executive Council members will be announced once voting ends. All announcements will be emailed to BGA members and posted on the BGA blog.

And with that, election season is now open! If you have questions about what being an Executive Council member entails? Feel free to get in touch with a current member of the council via the contact information on the BGA website, here.

If you have questions about the elections process, feel free to contact

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