SCAE Board of Directors Election - Your chance to nominate

We'd like to inform you, as Barista Guild of Europe members, of the forthcoming election for the Board of Directors of SCAE. As an integral part of SCAE, BGE members can play an important role in the future direction and objectives of SCAE. As a membership organisation it is important to consider the impact and influence you as members can have on the way that SCAE and in turn BGE moves forward. The future of BGE is influenced by decisions made at SCAE Board of Directors level so BGE members may want to consider how you are able to contribute to nominations and elections.

For more information, and to apply for nomination, please read here the letter David Veal, SCAE Executive Director, sent to the membership:

Under our bylaws, directors of the association are elected every two years and we will appoint the new board at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on 24th June 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. Relevant dates in the election process are:

  • 28 March Nominations close

  • 4 April Voting commences

  • 2 May Voting ends

  • 6 May Results announced

  • 24 June New board appointed at AGM

The board has decided that up to ten positions will be elected directly by the membership and up to two positions could be co-opted to ensure that the board reflects, as required by our bylaws, the regional and category distribution of our membership. The President and Vice President are automatically re-appointed for the next two years, and the Chair of Guilds for the next year. I should point out, however, that due to the possibility of unification with SCAA this board may not sit for the full term of two years.

I now, therefore, invited to nominate either yourself or another member (checking first that they are willing to stand) for election to the SCAE board. Directors need to be paid up members of the association in the right category and of good standing and be willing and able to represent SCAE in this very important voluntary role and attend four board meetings per annum and possibly other committee meetings throughout the year. They should also be someone who brings influence, thinking/ activity/ creativity and /or financial support through commercial contacts. Also, they must be fluent in English. Please send your nominations directly to by 28th March.

Finally, I would like to remind you that SCAE is an association run by and for its members and so having a board of committed members as directors is crucially important to the future development of SCAE. Could I please therefore urge you to consider very carefully nominating someone who can contribute to our future success. Thank you.