CoLab: Antwerp — Port Tour

In just one month's time BGE will be welcoming the European barista community to Antwerp for CoLab, the first BGE event of 2016. CoLab: Antwerp promises to be an action-packed three days with the usual coffee tastings, talks, social events, beer (ahem) and unique to Antwerp, a port and green coffee warehouse tour!

The tour starts at Schoenmarkt where buses will collect CoLab'ers for the first leg of their journey to the port. With an official Antwerp tour guide on board passengers will have their eyes opened to all the treasures of the city as they navigate their way to the port area in time for a drive through the large docklands before meeting at a green coffee warehouse. Up to 50 visitors will be lead around the warehouse as the tour guide offers an insight in to daily operations and a 'behind the scenes' view on coffee importing and storage.

The Port of Antwerp boasts a particularly special and rich history. Since the Middle Ages, boats with cargo and passengers could be found on the river Scheldt and over the last five centuries the Port of Antwerp has developed into a leading world port. Over 250,000 tonnes of coffee are stored in the port at any one time, making the Port of Antwerp the largest coffee storage area in Europe and highlighting the ports distinct ability in storage, handling and distribution of green coffee. 

This is a first for BGE and the CoLab program and a fitting activity for the beautiful city of Antwerp. If you'd like to join us for the tour and another fantastic European gathering of baristas then get yourself a ticket now!