The Barista League at CoLab: Antwerp

We're super excited to remind you it is now less than six weeks until our first 2016 CoLab event in Antwerp. The event promises to be an action packed 48 hours including a green coffee warehouse tour, 6 incredible Tamper Tantrum speakers, a coffee lexicon tasting and last but not least an evening with The Barista League.

The Barista League was founded by 2016 Swedish Barista Champion Steven Moloney, and is a fun, fast paced, multi round coffee competition.   Teams compete over three rounds; barista skills, sensory skills and a mystery round that in past competitions has seen baristas handcuffed together and grinding coffee with hammers and a mortar and pestle.

‘I wanted to create a competition with no barriers to entry.  Anyone can show up and compete.  No fees, no equipment, no training, just come and compete, have fun and drink some beers together.  I wanted to put the focus and the emphasis on the baristas, not just the winners or who has the most expensive coffee.’

Steven has put together three rounds for TBL at CoLab which will be held at Caffènation on the evening of the 25 April.

First up is the God Shot Round where competitors will be challenged to dial in a mystery espresso with the clock ticking by, the shots will be assessed by three sensory judges.

Secondly is a sensory challenge. In the past Steven has blindfolded teams and had them smell glasses of ingredients in order to identify what is in them.  Steven has also given teams 5 coffees and 5 maps and they have had to match the coffee to its origin. One for the sensitive palate! 

Finally, the mystery round which could involve any manner of apparatus. Watch this space for details on this being released in the days leading up to CoLab: Antwerp.

A range of traditional Belgium beers from sponsors De Koninck will be available to quench your thirst between rounds. There'll be plenty of room for spectators so all CoLab attendees are welcome but spaces are limited for the challenges so you need to register with The Barista League here

If you're yet to get a ticket for CoLab: Antwerp then head over here to check out the full program and buy a ticket