CoLab Paris : Tamper Tantrum Speakers

As if Barista Camp happening next week wasn’t enough, BGE have been working really hard on refining details for our final community event of 2015, CoLab Paris! Running between the 17th and 19th of November, across a few exciting sites around the city, CoLab offers a chance to meet new and old friends, exposure to new ideas from industry leaders with a chance to question and challenge them, and some delicious local experiences.

Whilst our host partners will be announcing the activities completing the CoLab program later this month, our educational content provider Tamper Tantrum has finalised the program for the 18th. We're super excited to share the fabulous speakers they are bringing to the stage:

Tickets to the full CoLab event, hosted in collaboration with SCAE France and FrogFight, and of which Tamper Tantrum is just one part, start at €80 and are available here. Join us - it’s going to be a blast!