Dialogue from your comfy chair at home!

We're really excited for CoLab: Prague kicking off today. The venue's ready, the city's ready (who cares about a little rain?!), the crew's ready, and we hope you're ready too!
But... We realise it isn't always easy to get time off from work, travel across the country, and attend our events. So, while some of us are meeting up in person, we'd also like to be there for those of you at home.

A little over a month ago, we launched our online educational platform 'Dialogue' with the first Learning Project article. Dale Harris talked about Coffee Farm Economics, and how hard it is for farmers to grow specialty. Now we've updated that article with 'further-reading' links, so we can dive deeper into the subject, and learn from other perspectives. We're really grateful for the contributions, thank you Thijs Van Meurs (Square Mile Coffee), Marta Dalton (Coffee Bird) and Pascale Schuit (Union Hand Roasted).

Today we've also released our second article: 'Ice Ice Baby - A closer look at brewing cold coffee' by Kalle Freese. Kalle looks at 3 different methods, and picks his favourite one based on his personal preference and his tastebuds, but also on data and financial considerations!
A little closer to the daily (summer) live of y'all, we encourage you to share your favourite recipes, stores that do a mean cold coffee, and the science and geeky details about extraction and chemistry behind cold coffee, oxidation, changing flavours while cooling down, etc...

Let's put our cool hat on and learn together!