CoLab: Prague just got geekier!

With less than a week before our inaugural CoLab event, taking place in Prague May 21-23, we are super delighted to announce two new speakers presenting at CoLab: Prague on May 22.

Chahan Yeretzian (Applied University of Zurich), Adam Neubauer (EMA Espresso Bar), Erna Tosberg (roestbar), and Tibor Várady (Espresso Embassy) will now be joined on stage by computational chemist Christopher Hendon (University of Bath, UK) and head roaster Joanna Alm (Drop Coffee, Stockholm).

This group will be covering everything from physics to psychology and from competition to career building, with two speakers—Chahan and Christopher--presenting brand new, unpublished research to our audience on the day. 

Tickets to the full event from May 21-23 are €85.00; one day tickets for Prague locals are €65.00. Get in before it's too late!