A little love for the CoLab LoCals

CoLab is all about bringing our community to one place to meet, chat, and learn together. We chose the beautiful city of Prague for our first event: the fast-growing coffee community there is super exciting, the sights of the city are gorgeous, and its warm hospitality is renowned.
We’re very conscious of the fact that it’s not always easy to get out from behind the bar and get to events like this, but we believe that it’s important to meet fellow baristas, get inspired by exciting speakers, and start a dialogue with the rest of the coffee community. CoLab’s program has been formulated so that visitors get a chance to know Prague from lots of different angles, but for those of you who live in Prague, you already know the city and its charms better than we ever could. 
To this end, we’re introducing a special one-day ticket (€65) for local attendees living in Prague, focusing on the body of the program, taking place on May 22: Tamper Tantrum, a cupping of local coffees, and the evening party. We’re also offering a limited amount of group rate tickets (€250 for five attendees), exclusive to SCAE Czech chapter cafes and businesses who share our belief that investing in baristas and their education is a big step forward towards a more sustainable coffee industry.
We want to give a little back to our warm and generous host city’s coffee community by making it a little easier for them to participate in some of the exciting things happening at CoLab next week! We can’t wait to see you there.