CoLab: Paris is on as planned

With great sadness have we learned and followed the events in Paris on the evening of Friday 13th November. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the people in Paris, to the families and friends of the victims.

CoLab: Paris, our community event planned on 17,18 and 19th November will continue to happen.

Over the past 36hours, we have discussed the events, have spoken to our local contacts, have monitored measures by the French government, and have tried to get an idea of the feeling of our audience. In a call between BGE and SCAE this morning, we have decided to continue to run the event in Paris. We believe our community can support our friends and colleagues in Paris the best by being there together, by continuing to visit their lovely city and by exchanging stories, knowledge and ideas. 

However, we realise that this decision, although made collectively, comes down to individual thoughts and feelings. We are going to run the event but we understand that some ticket holders may feel uncomfortable attending. We are happy to offer refunds of CoLab tickets to anyone who prefers one, no questions asked, just contact us at
UPDATE: Please note that any cancellation requests need to reach us before Wednesday Nov 18. Past this date our normal cancellation policy applies.

For those of you who are attending, it is worth bearing a couple of things in mind that might affect your travel plans or stay in Paris:

  • French President Hollande has declared 3 days of mourning until Tuesday. Despite the statement that 'borders are closed' it practically means security has stepped up. Trains, ferries and flights have been running as scheduled. It is best to check with your travel carrier, but expect longer wait times at all airports and Eurostar stations, as well as potential delays.

  • Parisian metro, bus and tram stations are open and running as scheduled - with a few exceptions in the 10th and 11th district.

  • Please check with your hotel, Airbnb or other accommodation if your booking can go on as planned.

  • Certain visitor attractions and museums - such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower - are closed until at least Monday 16th.

  • Public gatherings and manifestations are prohibited until Thursday 19th. We don't currently know if any events will follow on the Thursday or Friday and whether they'd affect scheduled CoLab activities, but we're monitoring this.

  • Save the number of this tourist helpline: +33 1 45 50 34 60, as well as the general security number 112.

More information:


We're hoping to see many of you in Paris this coming week - en liberté, égalité et fraternité.


For any further inquiries or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via
During the event, e-mail access will be limited, so please save the following numbers of contacts who will be onsite during CoLab:

  • BGE Chair Dale Harris: +44 7792 754971

  • BGE Co-ordinator Isa Verschraegen: +32 484 941306

  • our contact in Paris from Frogfight and Belleville, David Nigel Flynn: +33 9 83756080 and