Your guide to the best coffee (and more) in Paris!

If the CoLab: Paris activities and speaker line-up aren’t enough to get you to Paris (really?), maybe this will do the trick: with the help of Frog FightRéseau des Baristas de France, and our favourite French working group member, Nicolas Clerc, we’ve put together a cracking Parisian coffee shop map, supplemented with Nico's favourite hang-outs for a bite to eat, a glass of wine to savour or a cocktail to sip on. We've collected these spots on a handy print map, designed by Jessie May Peters, which you'll receive at the start of CoLab - but have already enlisted them here for all your planning needs! Have a look at what you’ll be missing if you don’t make it to CoLab!

Selon David, Emmanuel et Nico: Café

Café Lomi

"One of the first quality roasters in Paris now located in the 18th." (David)


"A classic Paris shop in the 1st", newly renovated! (David)

Coutume Café

"Another of the first Parisian roasters holding down the good coffee fort on the left bank." (David)

KB Caféshop (formerly Kooka Boora)

" Newly roasting KB is a nice stop at the top of Rue des Martyrs." (David)


"Australian style breaky, always crowded." (Nico)

Ten Belles

"Coffee and scones just off Canal Saint-Martin." (David)

Fondation Café

"Tiny spot for an espresso or filter in the Marais, great terrace if the weather is nice." (David)


"The eternal pairing of coffee and bikes." (David)

O Coffeeshop

"Mobile coffee with excellent pastries" (David)

Fragments Paris

"Youngsters scene, 33rpm music, expect to wait but probably laugh." (Nico)
"A bit off the beaten path but a nice hideaway for a good coffee." (David)

Hexagone Café

"Very cosy, almost no food, purely dedicated to coffee" (Nico)


"Nice place to relax the legs, halfway up the Rue de Belleville" (David)


Strada Café


The Broken Arm


Blackburn Coffee

La Caféothèque De Paris


Selon Nico: À boire

La Buvette

"Fantastic wine bar, ran by only one girl. Great wine, simple and delicious little food, and Camille is a master in hosting!"

Septime La Cave

"A great wine spot, small plates of cured duck or lentils/coriander...and a lot of good music!"

La Crèmerie

"A beautiful cheese store converted in a wine bar, it's tiny and crowded, deserves a stop for a glass at least...before or after going to L'Avant-Comptoir around the corner"

L'Entrée Des Artistes

"A beautiful cocktail bar, that is also a very nice and good restaurant on the first floor, I recommend the wine list, probably one of the best in Paris!"


"Former guys from Experimental Cocktail Club, always doing fantastic in competition, created a few years ago this first speak easy in Paris. Don't miss the taqueria at the entrance!"

Experimental Cocktail Club

"The godfather of cocktail bars of Paris: small, nice, always happening there!"


"For the late-night fun"

Selon Nico: À manger

Bar Martin

"A great pub, easy going, but good food and good wines"

The Green Goose

"A typical well-made Irish pub, with great beers, nice comfy food, and loud music. 'A rhubarb beer, a scotch egg, and few other beers' usually does the trick! It's the perfect place to have fun when walking around as a bunch of dudes..."

Le Relais De Venise - L'Entrecôte

"A meat restaurant, there's a set menu: salad, steak and French fries - that's it! But it's very good, and there's a lovely service, and most of all, no reservation, you'll just have to queue a bit."