Get ready for elections!

After a year of hard work behind the scenes, we are so excited to announce the start of our first-ever 'BGE elections'. Each year, 6 roles for the BGE working group will be opened for elections. This way, we ensure BGE's sustainability as well as provide an opportunity for our membership - the European barista community - to vote for the leadership and the direction they want our organisation to take!

The elections will take place from Monday October 12th to Sunday October 25th. Each BGE member will receive personal instructions on how to vote on Monday. The results will be announced right before or during CoLab: Paris!

Have a look at the impressive list of nominees here. Each candidate is running for up to two positions. The nominees are listed alphabetically per role (also listed alphabetically). Make sure you read their manifestos, so you can make an informed decision when voting starts next week! Some perfect weekend reading for you right there ;)