The trainers of Barista Camp 2014 are...

The list of trainers set to teach at Barista Camp 2014 is now complete. We are very excited to be able to offer you some of the best authorised trainers Europe has to offer. They hail from different countries and backgrounds, but all bring in-depth course-specific knowledge, as well as an excellent track record, and years of experience as a teacher.

  • Barista Intermediate: Paul Meikle-Janney, Sonja Grant, Erna Tosberg

  • Brewing Intermediate: Tim Sturk, Patrick O'Malley

  • Sensory Foundation: Patrick O'Malley, Elisabet Sereno, Asli Yaman

  • Sensory Intermediate: Jon Willassen, Sandra Azevedo

Find out more about each of them here.